Total Body Reset 

7 Short & Easy Yoga practices - one for each day of the week



These 7 days of practice routines are systematically designed to help you bring your full body into balance. If you are concerned about your overall wellness but find it difficult to take enough time out for yourself, don't let this affect your future health any longer. 
Regular yoga practice can help live the healthy & stress-free life you’ve always dreamed of.

Without delay, start your 'Total Body Reset' routines today.

Practice short & easy yoga routines

In your own space, at your own pace 

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Over-Forty: Total Body Reset 

7 Gentle & Easy Yoga practices for each day of the week


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What is Included

Short & Easy

  'Total Body Reset'

Daily Yoga Wellness Practices

Your program includes seven practices - one for each day of the week. Once you purchase, they are yours forever!

DAY 1 : Monday

Balanced Start (19 min)

There's no better way to start your week than with a balanced and focused state of mind.

This short YogYam Yoga routine is designed for:

- Overall energization
- Improved blood circulation
- Breath balance 
- Enhanced focus & attention

DAY 2 : Tuesday

Emotional Care (17 min)

Control over our emotions is important for gaining control over the functionality of our mind. The health of our body is dependent upon our state of our mind; hence, a regular check is essential. 

This short YogYam Yoga routine is beneficial for:

- gaining control over our wavering emotions
- control over our breath
- strengthening our inner energy
- gently flexing and opening our body

DAY 3 : Wednesday

Body Alignment (17 min)

Mid-week is the time to pay attention to our body's alignment. This is when our emotions are in the process of a change. As we are in transition from an overwhelming state to a relaxing state of mind, this day is best for focusing on the alignment of the body's behaviour pattern.

This short YogYam Yoga routine is beneficial for:

- Blood circulation
- Breath circulation
- Energy balance 
- Increasing physical strength

DAY 4 : Thursday

Enhancing Mobility (19 min)

According to the Yoga system, Thursday is a day to listen to our inner guidance. This is the day to pay attention to small changes our body and mind is experiencing. It is a day for inner growth.

This practice on Thursday focuses on:

- Stability and growth
- Strength and focus
- Inner cleansing

DAY 5 : Friday

Breath Flex (15 min)

Our breath is a gift of the Divine. There is nothing more important than our breath. So far as we are breathing, life exists. Hence, the quality of breath is very important.

This short YogYam Yoga routine is beneficial for:

- Strengthening our lungs
- streamlining our breathing process
- Nourishing different limbs of our body
- Calming our mind

DAY 6 : Saturday

Mindfully Strong (19 min)

Weekends are the time when our mind is naturally relaxed. As the mind gets a lot of freedom, it can get overpowered by different emotions. Stabilization and control over mind is therefore important.

This short YogYam Yoga routine is designed for:

- Strengthening the mind
- Strengthening our body
- Balancing our energy centres

DAY 7 : Sunday

Stabilize Energy (18 min)

Like our life, each week is also a full circle. Sunday is the day for inner awakening. It is a powerful day to give oneself a good boost of energy so that our whole mental, emotional, physical & spiritual system can come to a natural state of relaxation.

This short YogYam Yoga routine is beneficial  for:

- Energy balance
- Strengthening our body
- Relaxing our mindset
- Overall wellness

Short practices help one to stay consistent with daily wellness routines




The Many Benefits

of practicing Yoga everyday

  • Improved sleep at night
  • More productive during day
  • Increased focus in daily tasks


  • Feel more energetic
  • Manage weight & anxiety
  • Strengthen your joints & muscles


  • Stronger immunity 
  • Experience peace & calm
  • Feel happier with self & others 



I'm Vineeta Sharma,  

MSc. Yoga & Certified Yoga Therapist 

Due to a hectic and demanding lifestyle, I started experiencing some health issues as I entered my early forties. As the years were passing by fast, I started experiencing more imbalances in my body which needed immediate attention.

Racing mind, mood swings, weight gain, hot flashes and low energy would not let me live a normal and happy life. This was not exactly the way I expected to enter my middle age! I was aware that I am not getting any younger and I have to take care of my overall health.

Along with work and family commitments, I was unable to regularly do longer workout routines. I knew my body, mind and energy needed consistent care.

To stay consistent and feel healthy & energetic, I created short daily practice routines to take care of my mind, body, muscles, joints & energy flow. Since these practices were not too time consuming, I had no excuse not to do them.

As each of these practices lead into the next, over an entire week all the parts of the body, mind & energy feel rejuvenated. Doing these ‘Total Body Reset’ practices on a daily basis, I started to feel stronger, happier & balanced.

Now I am sharing these practices to help people like you to enjoy a healthy life.

I’ll guide you step-by-step on how to do each practice gently. Whether you are new to yoga or have been practicing for awhile, these systematic routines will be very beneficial to reset the rhythm & functioning of the body.

~ Vineeta Sharma, MSc. Yoga & Certified Yoga Therapist

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"Your instructions also insures you to remember the correct positions, to breathe properly, to relax and to practice within your own limitations"

- Irene M. Jones

"I want so much to do yoga but it has always been beyond my abilities. Your classes are just great for me" 



- Marilyn Wheeliker

"This is the first time I have ever stuck to a program as I did the practice all winter long as I could feel the benefits to my mind and body".

- J. Tigh