Rejuvenation Methods




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 Transform your life

Rejuvenation is a systematic process of transformation which takes time, but you’re not in this alone.
Start a guided journey with Vineeta that includes methods to rejuvenate your mind, body, soul & energy:

  • In person or online private sessions
  • Online self-paced video library to continue your journey
  • Customized practices with Vineeta.


A sense of rejuvenation & experiencing a contented & balanced life
doesn’t happen overnight.

Incorporate  easy & simple methods to experience your path to tranquility.

A Few Kind Words 

S. Morrison

 Vineeta is extremely knowledgeable and understanding. Her insightful vision is exceptional. She is empathetic and speaks with clarity and kindness.
I will be forever thankful for what Vineeta has done not only for me but my family.

Wendy Lyle

Within my chaos, I found clarity and focus. I see differently, I feel differently, I am different. There are no other words to describe the gift of Vineeta’s beautiful and unique program.

Hannah-Mai Stockley

Vineeta is just the most caring, thoughtful, wise, wonderful woman you'll ever know. True beauty from the inside out.. a miraculous spirit.