Reiki Wellness Sessions

Methods of Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki & Energy healing 
Vineeta Sharma, MSc. Yoga, Cert. Yoga Therapist & Reiki Grandmaster


Give a gift of Reiki Wellness to your mind, body & energy 

One hour Session - CAD $ 85.00

Reiki is helpful for various conditions: 

  • General Wellness 
  • Pain & Sickness recovery 
  • Insomnia & sleeping disorders
  • Anxiety & Depression 
  • Low energy & Stress management
  • Blocked Energy Release
  • Mood Swings & Restlessness

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"I want to say a big Thank You. What a gift you have been to me. I feel blessed to have you helping me in so many are truly an inspiration"
- J. Shannon


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