Holistic Card Reading Sessions

Using Cartouche Cards & Angel Healing Cards for readings with Vineeta


Explore the hidden possibilities and balance your Karmic path.  Reap the many benefits of Card Readings:

  • Self-connection
  • Harmonious living
  • Finding clarity & peace of mind when at a crossroads in life.
  • Strengthening relationships
  • Reducing Karmic Influence
  •  Creating peace with self

Up to 3 Questions
45 min session


Up to 4 Questions
60 min session


Up to 5 Questions
1hr. 15min


(Follow-up) Up to 2 Questions
30 min session



"You are an expert in your field.You have helped me to improved my well being both physically and mentally. I am rewarded with relaxation and healing of the body. ​
This is a gift for life for me."

Ernie MacKinnon

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